Flat drip irrigation pipes

The production of these types of pipes in our country firstly commenced by “TURKAZ Group” Group of Companies and currently such pipes are only produced in our plant in Azerbaijan. These pipes which widely used in agriculture around the world, have recently become popular in our country.

Advantageous of flat drip irrigation pipes:

  • Easy to use and reliable. Suitable for one-year and perennial sowing;
  • High quality and only original raw materials are used during the production;
  • The agents increasing resistance against sun rays (UV) are used;
  • It can be used for a longer period due to its smooth internal surface;
  • Resistant to collecting and use for several times;
  • Holes retention risk is minimal due to specially produced dippers;
  • Drippers are located inside the pipe during the production process;
  • Drippers have one water outlet.

Application areas:

Is can be used for different products such as onion, potatoes, corn, cotton, tomato, vegetables, strawberry, grape, melon, watermelon, sunflower and floristry products.