“TURKAZ Group” Group of Companies is an enterprise producing polymer products in Azerbaijan.

The Group of Companies was founded in Sumgait, the industrial city of our country, in 2010 with 100% local investment. President Ilham Aliyev’s special care and attention to the development of the non-oil sector of the economy has been a major incentive for establishment of such a production area. For this purpose, our company considers the contribution to the agricultural sector of our country with all its resources as one of its duties. Supporting agrarian policy pursuing in the country and being more useful to agriculture are our main aims, in this regard we implement designing and installation of modern irrigation systems by using the products manufactured by our company.

The enterprise commences its activity with the production of polyethylene PE 100 pipe, and has become one of the country’s advanced companies for the past years by increasing its production areas. Currently more than 20 production equipment is operated in the company’s manufacturing facilities. The production process of all products is carried out by modern technological equipment manufactured by Italy, Germany, Turkey and China. The raw materials of polymeric raw materials manufacturers such as “Sabic”, “Borealis”, “Bayer”, “Total”, “Petkim”, “Kazpelin” are used in the production of polymer products.

The products manufactured by the Company have compliance certificates issued by the State Committee on Standardization, Metrology and Patent of the Republic of Azerbaijan and hygienic certificates issued by Republican Hygiene and Epidemiology Center of the Ministry of Health. The products manufactured in our plant are sold in domestic market, as well as exported to some foreign countries such as Federation of Russian, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Lebanon etc.

Our aim: to implement followings by contributing the development of the industry in the Republic of Azerbaijan:

  • to create new innovative plant producing polymer products in the country and to ensure the country’s demand for plastic products by such plant;
  • to contribute to the protection of currency resources and reduction of currency flows outside the country by providing the internal market with quality finished products;
  • to reduce the dependence on import in ensuring the country’s demand for polymer products by producing different types of such products and in the next stage, to ensure the exporting these products to regional markets;
  • to become one of the key manufacturing plant for the sector, to achieve supporting in-field and sub-industrial fields acting as potential customer of local raw materials suppliers of this sector in future;
  • to contribute to the creation of new working places and increasing employment in the country by continuously expanding its activity.

The list of plants operating in the “TURKAZ Group” Group of Companies: