Polyethylene pipe plant

“TURKAZ Group” Group of Companies has commenced its activity with the production of polyethylene pipe. Therefore, the pipe production plant has a significant place in our company.

PE 100 polyethylene pipes are considered as the beginning of new phase in the plastic pipe production. These pipes are used for both water and gas pipelines. The polyethylene pipes are manufactured with standard dimension ratio SDR 41 – SDR 6 and the operating pressure range PN4 – PN32.

Advantages of PE 100 pipes manufactured in our plant:

  • Long-lasting. Minimum usage period is 50 years. This period may become longer in real using time;
  • Impact and crack resistance is high, resistant to sun rays;
  • Manufactured both in rolls and in standard sizes;
  • Its internal surface is smooth. It prevents the collection of scales during the flow;
  • It is useful for use in areas where earthquakes and other natural phenomenon are active;
  • Frost resistant;
  • High Pressure Resistance (PN4-PN32) allows the pipes to be produced for a wide range of pressure depending on the order;
  • Very convenient for welding or assembly with connecting fittings.

Application areas of PE 100 pipes manufactured in our plant:

  • Water networks for underground and surface drinking and technical purposes;
  • Agricultural irrigation systems;
  • Installation of main and local natural gas lines;
  • Chemical and petrochemical industry;
  • Mining industry;
  • Building construction and industrial facilities.