Drip irrigation pipe plant

Our company has established drip irrigation pipe manufacturing plant in order to meet the demand for drip irrigation pipes in the agricultural sector of Azerbaijan. 2 types of drip irrigation pipes are produced in our company:

  • Flat drip irrigation pipes
  • Round drip irrigation pipes

Flat drip irrigation pipes are one of the latest methods applied in irrigation in the world. The production of these pipes in our country has been implemented by “TURKAZ Group” Group of Companies for the first time and currently, our company maintains sole manufacturer status.  Our plant, which has capability to meet the demand for flat drip irrigation pipes in all sowing areas of our company, also has the potential to export these pipes to foreign countries. The drippers and other accessories of the pipes are manufactured in our own factory, as well as the machines meet the modern standards, therefore we can provide our customers with quality products at reasonable prices.

Advantageous of flat drip irrigation pipes:

  • Easy to use and reliable. Suitable for one-year and perennial sowing;
  • High quality and only original raw materials are used during the production;
  • The agents increasing resistance against sun rays (UV) are used;
  • It can be used for a longer period due to its smooth internal surface;
  • Resistant to collecting and use for several times;
  • Holes retention risk is minimal due to specially produced dippers;
  • Drippers are located inside the pipe during the production process;
  • Drippers have one water outlet.

Round drip irrigation pipes

Drip irrigation method, which ensures high irrigation efficiency, requires low pressure for spreading of water, does not require corrective work in uneven areas, allows the management of salt in groundwater and providing continuous water supply through circuits.

Advantageous of round drip irrigation pipes:

  • Provides water-saving;
  • Soil salinity is prevented;
  • The plant is supplied with the necessary amount of water;
  • As the water source is near to the plant, it has positive effect on the development of the body and its product rather than the root;
  • It doesn’t irrigate the soil outside of the plant and prevents the growth of wild plants because of that land is dry;
  • The soil outside of the plant is not contaminated; therefore it can be used effectively;
  • Fertilizer is dissolved in water therefore it is directly applied to the plant and its consumption amount decreases;
  • Energy costs are minimized, because the system operates at low pressure.