Designing and installation of irrigation systems

In order to be more useful to agriculture, we implement the designing and installation of modern irrigation systems by using products manufactured by us. Our aim is to provide installation of modern irrigation systems at a cheaper price by ensuring direct connection between the manufacturer and consumer, therefore our villagers and farmers can provide irrigation of more fields by modern methods. This may lead to obtain more products and cheapen of agricultural products’ prices. We offer high quality service at lower prices as we use products manufacture by our plant in the irrigation.

We perform irrigation of agricultural fields by modern irrigation methods together with our agronomists and irrigation engineers involved from Turkey. Thus, our engineers choose and apply one of the modern irrigation methods such as drip irrigation, sprinkling irrigation and pivot irrigation which suitable for territory and planting. We regularly organize seminars of foreign specialists in this field and ensure the training of local specialists.

You may see some of our successful projects in “Projects” section of our website.